miércoles, 12 de mayo de 2010

For only You!

If I could I would write you forever my memories
As bright as they were when I saw you for the first time
As close as I had you for the very last time
And since forever I will keep you in my heart

I’ll hold what we had since time has memory
And I’ll love what we hold until we lose our last time
But until then I’ll remind you for a lifetime
That no matter the farness, our distance won’t take our time

Take my words and keep them as a savior whenever you feel
You need someone by your side.

7 comentarios:

Mercedes Amézola dijo...

"No matter the farness, our distance won't take our time"...

The moments we all lived together from the first till the last second will stay with us (and just with us) for a life time.
Thank you for everything: every conversation we had the four of us in the kitchen or before going to sleep, every trip and every anecdote we have (which there are plenty).

And thank you, Marta, for sharing this experience with me, it couldn't be better! :)


Toni dijo...

This blog is amazing...

Vicky dijo...

Las dictaduras de la vida y el amor, lloran las revoluciones del destino.

Le chevalier mystérieux dijo...

El español tiene más sutilezas en sus palabras, es mucho más, no sé como explicarlo…armonioso…
El ingles no, el ingles es fuerte con sus palabras, son palabras más cortas y causa más definición en su significado, me gusta la lengua inglesa en poesía y prosa por esa razón, la expresión de sus palabras me llegan más hondo,

Bueno…no sé si me entenderéis je, je, je
Un saludo
Me gusta tu blog ;)

fag dijo...


actualitza!! :P

sandra dijo...

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Anónimo dijo...

Hay Martica, eres tremenda!