lunes, 2 de junio de 2008

Our picture

I once packed the bags of my heart
I put our picture in a box and hid it so I couldn’t find.
I though I was this free bird who’d fly alone forever
But there are circles of feelings you can’t ever leave behind.

So I moved our picture into my mind
And saw all the laughter and emotions we had.
They came to me like waterfalls, so loud, so beautiful
like a never-ending story taking place on my mind.

So I moved our picture into my heart and found it broken
It was so restless and so poor, so needy and confused
I tried to fix it on my own with bits of memory I took from the box
But it wasn’t enough, love is easy to feed with present but not when it's gone.

Then April came with a new you and I.
The same old ones we used to be, with different manners and different things.
A brand-new story you had for me, and this old pain I truly feel.
May came by and I felt lost, same did June and I lost it all.
You’re everywhere I see, but never really here

So I started to live with our picture next to me,
Is the furthest I wanna have you, or I’ll bring myself down
I’m this big loser who fought for love and still will.
The one who gives her words in vain and copes alone with her own pain.

So I will move our picture to the future, you just fill me with silence now
There’s no more I can do if you don’t want me to
I’ll once again wish upon a star, once worked with you
Let’s see if it works now.

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I should notify my girlfriend about it.